My Upcoming Online Groups and Classes

For 2020-2021, I am offering various online therapy groups and classes. These are designed to help you overcome your challenges and discover more about your inner soul wisdom.

Self-Discovery: Transforming the Shadow Within

This weekly group is for you if you want to learn about your unconscious dysfunctional patterns of behavior that show up in your relationships and heal the shadow elements that create these patterns. The group will begin in January 2021. The cost is $50 per session, with a sliding scale fee if necessary. For more information about this group,
contact me.

Other Classes Coming Soon

Soul Wisdom Discovery Group: learning how to tap into the deepest part of you to find the answers you seek

Relationship Skills Group: learning to relate authentically, to know and speak your truth and to confront others in the most loving way

Covid Transmission Guilt Group: in late fall 2020:  6-week group for those who feel guilt and shame for transmitting Covid-19 to family and friends who ended up sick in the hospital or dead.  Group provided in a safe, confidential online Zoom group, 6 week group, which may continue with group's needs/desires.  Sign up now.

Speaking Truth From the Heart: learning skills for knowing and speaking your truth without fear of losing your partner or loved ones

About Me

I am often referred to as a “therapist's therapist.” Many counselors have counted on me for their own therapy needs. In addition, I am certified by the American Group Psychotherapy Association as a group psychotherapist.

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If you think I can help you or your loved ones, do not hesitate to reach out. You can count on me for mindful, grounded, and compassionate service.